Retirement Financial Advisor – How To Choose The Best One For Your Needs

And without the proper experience, you could be better off handling your own retirement planning on your own. Here are some tips for choosing a Retirement Financial Advisor:

- Know your income tax planning options. The very first thing you should do when choosing your retirement financial advisor specialty is to sit down and map out your entire income tax planning situation. Make a list of every single tax bracket, you’ll be in as well as the highest tax rate you will be in. Take into consideration investments you’ll be making as well as any state and local taxes you’ll be paying. It’s also important to take into account any employee-sponsored plans or accounts you may already have.

- Look at your healthcare costs. The biggest expense you will be faced with after retirement will be medical costs. While there are some excellent insurance products for seniors, such as Medicare supplement insurance and Medicaid, it’s still a good idea to budget for healthcare costs as well. A good retirement financial advisor will help you understand which medical accounts you’ll need, and which ones you can avoid. Knowing this important information will put you ahead of the curve should you ever need to seek out additional healthcare services or insurance.

- Check out the advisors you’re considering. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect retirement advisor, always talk to them personally. Get to know them a little bit. Ask about their level of familiarity with the market, your goals, their track record, etc. If they are hesitant to answer your questions or give you direct answers, keep looking.

- Be realistic with your goals. While many people find themselves very set on certain lifestyles when they reach retirement age, others aren’t quite as sure. It’s not uncommon for older adults to start a whole new lifestyle when they reach senior age, in an attempt to recapture their previous lifestyle when they were much more active. One thing that many successful retirement financial advisors stress is to create a good income strategy. One thing you want to look at is their income strategy. What does this mean?

- Don’t be afraid to ask for independent professional financial advice. While advisors who work for the company that you’re working for may be knowledgeable and useful, it’s always better to get your own point of view from someone who isn’t tied to one company or another. Look for a retirement planning advisor who works with a wide variety of clients. This will help ensure that you can get your point of view across to them and, if necessary, get modifications to your plan to better suit your needs. Even if you’ve already established your retirement planning goals, it’s wise to periodically speak with a financial advisor about how you’re progressing and whether there are other areas of your plan that could use some adjustments. With a little communication and solid advice, you can develop a good retirement income strategy that will benefit you, your loved ones, and your entire working environment.

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How to buy ITC Token (ITC) in India?

Are you looking for the best exchange in India to buy ITC token with INR? Then, you have landed at the right place. By using this guide, you can easily buy, sell, and exchange ITC to INR on Koinbazar. Before we get into this, let’s see an overview of the ITC token.

What is an ITC Token (ITC)?

ITC token is Gaming Utility Token. ITC Token is blockchain-based on Tron Network. ITC has already launched a gaming portal for ITC community members.ITC is trusted globally by more than 1,00,000 Members. ITC will set a benchmark in the gaming industry on the blockchain. ITC is developed and maintained by a well-educated, experienced group of individuals who have the vision to make ITC a No.1 gaming industry coin. The maximum Supply of ITC tokens is 360,00,000. From time to time ITC will be burning some tokens.

How to buy ITC with INR on Koinbazar?

To buy an ITC token with INR here, follow the step mentioned below,

Step 1:

Visit Koinbazar.

Step 2:

If you are already a registered user, choose ‘SIGN IN’ at the top right corner of the website to log into your account. If you are a new user, click ‘SIGN UP’ in the top-right corner to register your account.

Step 3:

After you sign into the account, choose “MY ACCOUNT” at the top right corner of the page. Update the requested details to build your profile.

Step 4:

Choose KYC verification under “MY ACCOUNT”.

Step 5:

Update the KYC authentication section requested details and identity certificates should be updated and then click ‘SAVE’.

Step 6:

Choose ‘BANK DETAILS’ and update your required information. Then, click “SUBMIT”. Once the admin approved, you will be able to deposit and withdraw your funds from your Koinbazar wallet.

Step 7:

Once the admin approved your bank details, Choose “Funds” from the top right corner of the menu and select “Deposit”.

Step 8:

Choose the “Fiat” option from the deposit. Your desired funds to be deposited in the form of fiat currency.

Step 9:

Then, choose the ‘Manual Deposit’ option and update the required information and instant INR deposit options. Your transferred amount will be credited to your Koinbazar wallet after reviewed by the admin.

Step 10:

Once your funds get deposited, go to the home page and select ‘TRADE’.

Step 11:

On the trading page, choose the “INR” market and select ITC/INR pair to buy ITC tokens in India instantly at the low transaction fee.

Step 12:

At the bottom left of the page, start trading by setting the order type and order value you would like to buy.

What are the facts of SIP plans in India

Let’s take a look at few interesting facts on SIP plans in India.

Market timing becomes irrelevant
One of the biggest difficulties in equity investing is; when to invest or where to invest? While investing in a mutual fund solves the issue of where to invest, SIP plans help us to overcome the problem of when to invest. SIP plans involve disciplined investing irrespective of the state of the market as SIP investors buy even when the markets are low. When the markets are bullish, it may not be prudent to commit lumpsum investment and go for a staggered investment, thus balancing your portfolio. This makes timing the market irrelevant.

Reduces the average cost
In SIP plans, one starts investing a fixed amount regularly. Therefore, one ends up buying more units when the markets are down and NAV is low and less number of units when the markets are up and the NAV is high. This is called rupee cost averaging.

If you are not well versed with the swings of the market, it would stay away from making ill-timed investments with a one-time investment. It would be better to avoid lumpsum investments when the markets are rising. Starting an SIP tends to average out the cost of your investment portfolio as you buy even when the markets are low, which is the best time to buy.

Power of compounding
Compounding is the ability of your investment to generate earnings, which are then reinvested to generate their earnings. In simpler words, the returns you will earn from your invested amount will be re-invested, and thus increase your principal amount. Starting a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) will help to grow your investment with the power of compounding as you invest a fixed amount every day/week/month etc. You can use a SIP plan calculator to find out how much to invest monthly and how would your investment compound over the years.

Does not strain our day-to-day finances
SIP plans allow us to invest very small amounts (starting from Rs. 500/-), as against larger one-time investment, if we were to buy directly from the market. This makes investing easier on our wallets due to the flexibility in the ticket size. SIP plans, therefore, become one of the ideal investment options for a small-time investor, who would otherwise not be able to enjoy the benefits of investing in the equity market.

If you wish to accumulate your savings prudently, you might opt for a larger SIP amount.

However, it is advisable to research before starting SIP plans for 1 year or a longer duration in a mutual fund. Do not select a fund merely on rankings and ratings. While investing, it would be advisable to have a long-term approach and select the fund whose investment objective matches your financial goals and needs. Do consult your financial advisor for assistance.

Business Consultant Advice – Investing in Consulting Could Save Your Company

According to many experienced business consultants, one of the biggest judgement errors that entrepreneurs and business owners make during a cash flow crisis is to lower their marketing budget. What might be more prudent is to laser target the best marketing investment scenarios so that you can maximise your spend and improve the potential ROI. If you’re wary about this (which is understandable given the current economic climate) a business consultant can help.

Are you afraid that your cash flow challenges mean that you can’t afford to pay another expense such as marketing, business consulting, or advertising expenses? In reality, you really can’t afford not to. You need to keep your customers engaged and continually work to attract new customers as well. Some of your competitors could be on the verge of going out of business and their customers may be looking for a better supplier or service provider. If you position yourself well you could easily capture more market share in the near future.

No one should blindly invest in marketing and advertising services. Expert knowledge is essential. A business consultant can help you in many ways, such as:

Showing you ways to work smarter, which could save time, manpower, and money
Showing you how to capitalise on existing customers to get more business. Wouldn’t you love the ability to easily extract more money from your existing customer base?
Help you determine where to spend your marketing budget. Even if your budget is small, a business consultant can help you maximise that spend so that you see a sizeable return on that investment.
Teach you today’s marketing methods. Your competitors may be lagging in new media marketing and by your embracing it, you can rise head and shoulders above that competition. If you are in a viable industry, even a recession doesn’t have to force you out of business. If you find new and innovative ways to appeal to your target demographic and market effectively, you can increase customer loyalty and even take customers from your competition.
The old adage that “it takes money to make money” is true but most true if you spend wisely. Now may be a time to focus on advertising that will bring in the right type of customers who are willing to or need to spend. By positioning your products or your services in the right way, you can attract more customers and be more successful.
In some ways, a lot of companies are hunkering down and trying to weather the storm. But remember, many success stories rise out of the ashes of tumultuous times. You don’t have to take advantage of your customers to be able to succeed and if your business consultant is experienced, he or she can help you become a great success story.